Instagram vs. Reality

Gabrielle Greenberg
February 7, 2022

Let's be real here, anyone can make their life look amazing and perfect on social media if they try hard enough. Who is going to post real life on instagram for the world to judge? So... I am going to show you pictures I have posted on instagram, and then explain the background of taking the photo, exposing myself in the process :)

Photo Number ONE!

Ok... so. This pic was taken the first day of being in Milan. (Full day). I had gotten zero (0) sleep because I was so severely jet-lagged, I was dehydrated because I decided to buy fizzy water (mostly because I just grabbed the first pack I saw) instead of still water and I really dislike carbonation. Finally, that was definitely my best outfit, but I haven't worn it since. This day was super exciting but also really overwhelming! I look so well adjusted in this picture and in reality I was ******** bricks I was so scared! 

Photo Number TWO!

This makes me crack up! I took this picture my second day in Rome. I had slept through the walking tour, got lost trying to met up with my friends, I felt so gross since I didn't shower that morning, my hair was only down for this picture and it immediately went back up. We were running super late and I was being rushed to take this picture. We were all just super stressed out about checking out of the AirBnb, getting to the train on time, and seeing one more sight before we left. I do love that jacket though.

Photo Number THREE!


Photo Number FOUR! (Last one for now)

You guys...I saved this one for last because I think it is hilarious. I was in Rome and had 30,000 steps at that point. Unfortunately for my feet, my gym shoes were back in Milan at the shoemaker because the rubber on the bottom fell off. So, I was stuck wearing platformed black sneaker things. Cute? Yes. Comfortable? Also yes. But comfortable for walking 30k steps and standing non-stop for 7 hours? Absolutely not. This was taken after I found an athletic store to buy real walking shoes. Guess what? The only shoes that I liked, were in my price range, and my size...another pair of platformed gym shoes!!!! Obviously, I bought them. I literally had no choice, like if you saw me you would understand. I was sobbing from the pain and (TRIGGER WARNING) I had to throw my socks out from the insane amounts of blood from my feet. But yes, look at me, the happy girl taking a golden hour pic at the spanish steps :) Life is good!

This isn't to say that every picture I post is fake, a lot of them are real and don't have any weird backstory like these 4. But it does go to show how people can manipulate anything. If you look at mine, or anyone elses Instagram and think to yourself "Gosh, they look like they are having so much more fun," or you feel any bit of jealousy: Don't! It is easier said than done, but we all have different experiences, and there is no definitive way to determine who is having a better time, it's all subjective.

Have fun, be yourself, and post what makes you happy!

Gabrielle Greenberg

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