One Month Down

Evagelia Analitis
March 27, 2015

I cannot believe that I have been here for a month already. Time is flying by! I want to start off saying that I have made the most amazing friends here. There are people from around the United States in my program and I am so thankful to have them by my side. We are tackling cultural immersion one day at a time. It makes everything a little less scary and a lot more effective. For example, I am really surprised at how easy it is to get around the city. Once you learn the main roads and the cardinal direction of each, it is a piece of cake. You can always take a taxi if you're in a pinch. Or there is usually a bus or train running. And, to be honest, you can pretty much walk almost everywhere if you have the time. (Keeping in mind safety and extreme caution when traveling alone at night) Speaking of which, one might ask if I feel safe here. The answer is yes. I live in a great area, surrounded by a lot of families, pets, and people. There are a few things to worry about, but these precautions are necessary for any big city. I wear a body-cross bag, carry minimal money with me, drink responsibly, and always plan on how I will get home. I mind my own business and keep my head held high. I stay on busy streets and wear my anti-theft bag with a sense of relief. I would recommend anyone studying abroad in a foreign country to look into anti-theft bag technology. I even think it will come in handy around the city of Chicago. It's nice to be able to lock my zippers and buckle my bag onto my body. It was a great investment. I arrived in Santiago in the peak of summer and it is just now starting to cool down. I came from temperatures of -20 degrees F to 95 degrees F so I am excited for some more mild temperatures!

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Evagelia Analitis

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