My Favorite Field Trip Yet!

Emma Dickenson
October 31, 2018

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go hiking in France! Sure, I had been to France on a fieldtrip before…but that was literally only walking over a bridge crossing the Rhine River, so does it really count?  Not really.

But last weekend did!

It was an optional field trip that was presented months ago, and we could pay a little extra and have our name put down. Let me tell you, it’s worth it!

We took a short bus ride to France and got to enjoy the views of some French countryside from the bus. We arrived at our hostel, set our bags down, and began the hiking!

I feel like both days were about 7 miles, but everything was in a magnificent transition to fall, so we didn’t notice the long miles. Our lovely guide and professor, Michael, even let us stop for coffee and blueberry pie during our rest.

Dinner at the hostel was so tasty! But a word for the wise: bring something extra to munch on for breakfast on day 2. We didn’t realize that the French breakfast would be so light!

So if this opportunity comes up to go hiking in Alsace, France, please take advantage of it. It was nice to go hiking simply to hike and enjoy the scenery of the Vosges Mountains.

Emma Dickenson

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