Little Reminders – Six Months Later

Emily Park
December 30, 2013
We spent a day hiking in the Alps at Semmering. The views were amazing. Stadtpark Semmering There are so many views in Vienna, but this is one of my favorites. A statue of liberty in Budapest. Looking back on the Schoenbrunn Palace from the path up towards the Gloriette. View of Budapest from the back of the Hungarian National Gallery. Looking out on the city from the steps of the Schoenbrunn Palace. One of the many dance floors at the Concordia Ball. Kettenbrueckengasse (on the U4) is the stop for the Naschmarkt. Rose gardens behind Schoenbruun. The trees were so tall along the hiking trail. Looking around towards the Gloriette, along with all the other tourists. The main floor for the Concordia Ball before the dancing began. The view from the top of the trail we hiked in Semmering. Inside the buildings of the Rathaus My roommate, Elaine, and I would eat lunch outside the Albertina. She'd usually get a Kaesekrainer from the Blitizinger stand and I'd bring a gluten-free sandwich from home. View from inside the Maria-Theresian-Platz between the Natural History museum and the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The kitchen window opened over Meidlinger Hauptstrasse, one of the major shopping areas in Vienna. The standing room view in the Ronacher Theater for "Naturerlich Blonde." The Donau continues through Budapest, creating the German name for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Donau Monarchie. This was the house used in the Sound of Music movie for the scenes overlooking the backyard. A different house was used for the scenes facing the house. Inside the Rathaus for the Concordia Ball. I miss this group of people every single day.

Today, I got a piece of mail from the Albertina in Wien, Österreich. They were asking me to renew my student semester membership. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of town since July. I never thought the “after returning home” blog would be the hardest to write, but it’s hard to face that it’s over. Going to Vienna was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my college career. I really have no idea how to try to summarize my experience, luckily, this is a photography blog, so instead of trying to put words, I’ve collected the panoramas that I took across Vienna, Salzburg, and Budapest.

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Emily Park

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