Post #3: Island of Texel

Emily Nazario
October 6, 2014

The last weekend of September, I participated in the IES Abroad overnight field trip to Texel, an island off the coast of the mainland. As soon as we got off the ferry, we rented bikes and rode along the coast of the island. It was a beautiful day! We biked to a small town where we ate fresh seafood and took a ride on a shrimping boat. It was interesting to see how the fisherman catch the shrimp, and we got to taste test on the boat. We then biked to the hostel and had a nice dinner at a local  restaurant famous for its lamb dish (which is what I ordered), and it was delicious! The next day, we biked to the beach and went to the seal sanctuary. I got to stick my feet in the North Sea! It was nice to be outside of the city for the weekend and enjoy the nature that Texel has to offer!

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Emily Nazario

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