Top 3 Best Day Trips from Rome

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Ella Farrell
May 23, 2024

Although big, expensive weekend trips are marketed as one of the key experiences of a semester abroad, they are not the only way to occupy your long weekends. A fun and memorable weekend can be had with under $100 at any of the three day trip locations mentioned below.  


  • Tivoli, Lazio

My first day trip out of Rome was honestly one of my best. We took an early morning train from Rome Tiburtina to Tivoli, a small town in the Lazio region. The train ride was just under an hour on the regional line. Perfect for history buffs and nature lovers, Tivoli is a gorgeous town situated between two mountain ranges. The winding roads feel as though they are straight out of a Disney movie, and cats run through the streets to greet you as you pass by. The gem of Tivoli is the Villa d’este, a UNESCO world heritage site featuring stunning mountain views and dozens of ornate fountains and fresco paintings. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful escape, Tivoli is a must-see.

  • Santa Marinella, Lazio

We don’t gatekeep here: the BEST day trip you can take from Rome is just under an hour away by train. For a South-of-France-esque promenade, stately palms, and a beachy breeze, hop on a train to Santa Marinella. I came here as a mini solo trip during the off season. It was the perfect place to venture off to alone. Early in the season, it is quiet and filled with locals. I read a book on the beach and grabbed a cappuccino and a cornetto at Bar GiGi, an adorable cafe right on the water. Later in the semester, I returned for a beach day with friends, and Santa Marinella did not disappoint. It was the perfect escape from the city on a hot spring day. 

  • Florence, Tuscany 

When I first arrived in Rome, I was under the impression that Florence was a long train ride away, and not necessarily worth it for a day trip. This is actually not true! We booked a high speed train from Roma Termini to Florence Santa Maria Novella, and arrived in under two hours. This gave us plenty of time to explore the tastes and sights of Florence in a short day trip. The experience was so smooth and seamless, that I actually came back a second time when my family visited. 

While there are no shortage of fun day trip options from Rome (the train system is extensive!) these three day trips really enriched my time abroad, and allowed me to explore parts of Italy that I might never have gotten the chance to see otherwise. I highly recommend taking advantage of these inexpensive day trip options!


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