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3 Things to Do in Berlin

Eliza Dubose square headshot
Eliza Dubose
December 17, 2022
3 things to do in Berlin

Berlin is a bustling, grungy, beautiful city that has so many unique things to offer. If you’re only in Berlin for a day in the next month, here are my recommendations for things that you absolutely should check out. I’ve put together a list of things that are both high culture and subculture in the hopes of creating a well-rounded list for any day tripper. 

  1. Museum Island 

The museum island is a must-see in Berlin. Located in the center of the city right on the banks of the Spree, you could spend days in this cluster of gorgeous buildings. It has an absolutely incredible collection of some of the greatest pieces of world culture out there. From seminal pieces in the art world to pieces of cultural heritage the museum island offers a wealth of knowledge and experiences to its audiences. It’s also a perfect way to avoid this penetrating cold that permeates Berlin in the winter months. 

  1. Christmas Markets 

Speaking of the winter months, Germany’s famous Christmas markets are everywhere right now. From east to west, the entire city is crammed with white tents and the warm smell of Glüwein and candied almonds. They also feature hundreds of goods that will make the perfect little Christmas gifts. Some of them are handcrafted and have their own unique Berlin flavor to them. There is also any number of themed or specialized markets that can offer more curated Christmas fun. Try visiting the historical market on the grounds of the RAW flea market or the queer-themed market in under the s-bahn rails in Schönenberg. Make sure to bundle up though, the markets often start in the late afternoon as the sun goes down and the temperatures can be quite chilly at night. Though if nothing else, a nice hot glass of Glüwein will never steer you wrong. 

  1. Techno Clubs 

Finally, as you round out your day in Berlin, you’d be remiss not to at least try a techno club. Yes, techno music is no Taylor Swift club bop party pleaser, but it is something that so perfectly embodies the edger, wilder side of Berlin that you’d be missing out on a significant piece of culture were you to let the opportunity pass you by. It’s worth at least giving it a chance. You might be surprised, like me, and find out that something about those songs can have a wonderfully profound effect on you. And if not, well at least you can say you went to a techno club in Berlin which has got to be worth some cool points. Make sure to be intentional about where you go through. Check out the club’s website and see what events are on that night so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Pro tip: when in doubt, wear black clothing to the club. And no white tennis shoes!! There’s no quicker way to get bounced out of what is otherwise really great clubs than to dress carelessly. 

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Eliza Dubose square headshot

Eliza Dubose

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