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Jun 14 2:25pm

Celebrating a Birthday Abroad

Post by Annika Rader

I’ve spent my birthday in a variety of places over the years, from birthday parties with family to the Mall of America to last year when I had to work on my birthday. This year, I was fortunate enough to get to celebrate my birthday on a weekend trip to Greece with a friend.

Jun 12 1:33pm

Tackling Loneliness While Abroad

Post by Audrey Bailey

The first few weeks of this program have been packed with exciting social activities and meeting lots of awesome people, but I have still found myself feeling a bit lonely sometimes. Rather than sulking in that feeling, I've taken it as an opportunity to be my own bestie in Barcelona.

Jun 11 11:38pm

The Day is Actually Coming

Post by James Dolley

In this blog, I talk about my prior apprehensions, expectations, and questions about studying abroad. I reflect on this approaching experience as an opportunity for cultural enrichment and personal development.

Jun 11 10:41am

The ocean is the same everywhere (but here they have Hobnobs)

Post by Gaby Lemieux

Considering belonging through moments of resonance.

Jun 9 5:31am

Excited about city walk and public transportation? Come to Wien!

Post by Heidi He

If you like city walking and talking cheap, fast and convenient trams, buses and subways to go all around an ancient city,

Jun 6 8:39am

Pride Month Spotlight: IES Abroad Staff Share what Pride Means to Them

Post by IES Abroad

In honor of Pride month, we wanted to highlight a handful of our LGBTQIA+ staff and share a little bit of their personal stories about what Pride means to them.