Mount Fuji

Diana Dinh
August 8, 2014

During my entire stay in Japan, I always wanted to hike Mount Fuji. It wasn’t until the very last week of the IES Abroad program that I was finally able to do so, and with several other IES Abroad students as well! It was my first time hiking a mountain and I was really lucky to have experienced it with an incredible group of people. I highly recommend everyone to at least visit Mount Fuji during their time in Japan!

Other than the steep trails and the awkwardly spaced steps made for giants, Mount Fuji is not particularly difficult to hike.


If you want to hike Mount Fuji here are a few tips on what you should be prepared for:

- Be prepared to take a different trail than you were expecting to take = bring enough money for bus fares your weren’t expecting.

- Go at your own pace, you will only get tired faster.

- Bring a lot of small snacks and water. There’s not really any good places where you can cook anything up with a sterno.

- This sounds self-explanatory, but seriously get some sleep before you go. My group went the Saturday right after finals week and decided to hike the mountain through the night to see the sun rise (which is great and all but we were so wiped out).

If you have any more questions or concerns, the IES Abroad Tokyo Staff is more than willing to help you out with planning and you can find a lot of information online!

an amazing time in the clouds A shopkeeper's dog All along the mountain are several stations where people can rest and get food/drinks. an amazing view of the sky the view was worth it all we all passed out in front of a gift shop once we got back down to the 5th station

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