from Mt.Fuji to Harajuku!

Daniel De Boulay
June 9, 2017

One of our first adventures during our stay in Tokyo was to a nearby Ryokan where we were able to not only have a fantastic view of  Fujisan but also was able to partake in one of the best meals of my life. As a group, we enjoyed a traditional Japanese set meal that was easily one of the best meals I've ever eaten in my entire life, took wonderful pictures of Fujisan, enjoyed a walk by the nearby lake and took a quick stroll through the woods where we were almost cursed by spirits but were fortunate enough to find a local shrine and purify ourselves. All is well that ends well!



There's a location in Tokyo called Shimokitazawa that I'd like to call the Williamsburg of the city. With hipster fashion styles, small art stores, plenty of kissaten (cafes) and a plethora of places to take group photos, it's a great place to spend the evening. I bought a bamboo brush from a smaller art store by the edge of the town and later made a calligraphy piece for a friend. It was a nice day.


On our trip, we have been matched with E-pals! They are Japanese college students who volunteered to enter the partner program with IES Abroad and we have quickly become friends. So far we've gone on many adventures together, but the last photo here comes from a recent trip to a local cafe that specializes in Japanese Pancakes! I highly recommend trying them out as they are very delicious. Afterward, we wandered around Harajuku and looked at the various fashion stores and took many Polaroid pictures to capture the memories. 



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