Clayton Kovich
September 16, 2014

Kia Ora!

Here’s the new poem! If you haven’t noticed I have difficulty ending poems, so this one is no different. Enjoy!



The ever floating ship
It’s sails never resting

Heat boiling from its insides
Turning the air to a certain ash

As it floats, directionless
Aiming to alienate audiences

It coasts, into the dark caves
Where the stars can still be seen

And the long enduring pensive moon
Rests, but never sleeps

And the wind blows
Pulling from the depths

And sweeping to the west
Where the fire burns

The ship, an island all it’s own
Circles islands, like an animal

Surveying, observing
Without interaction

Interaction, interaction
An island is so cold, untouched

Touch me please!
(The Island shouts)

The warmth of a hand is comparable
To the never settled corona of the sun

The island burns
The soft mush of the shores

Wash away
They make room for no one

And the ship sails on
Mast at full height

Sails extending
Puffing out their chest like warriors

All on their own
Windless, directionless

And the ship circles another island

(For the annual census)

September 11, 2014

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Clayton Kovich

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