Ode to Pagliacci

Clayton Kovich
August 18, 2014

Kia Ora!

So, I was looking through the heaps of poetry I have written lately and I have decided to share one with you. For reasons pertaining to censorship of language and content, I have chosen one I wrote for my songwriting class. I have better poems that I have written lately, but they are more suited for another occasion. One of our assignments in my music class was to write a song for Robin Williams. It is a grim subject to assign, but we have had plenty of happy assignments, no worries. So I did my best, I hope you enjoy it more than I do (how can you do justice on a subject like Robin Williams!?).


Ode to Pagliacci

Everything I knew I am
The laughter of adolescent fun
Slowly dying away
Melting in the Pacific sun

A desperate appendage
Varicose veins
Fading into old age
We’ve all had better days

Our pain was soaked
Like a sponge, he took it all
But the sponge is squeezed
We’re all drowning in the hall

Now who will watch the kids?
And teach me to dance before prom?
Put bounce in their kicks?
Fly me from the place that I’m from?

How do I play hooky
All on my own?
Where do you go, when the weeds
Have taken over your home?

Our pain was soaked
Like a sponge, he took it all
But the sponge is gone
We’re all drowning in the hall

Saturday nights are quiet now
The sitcoms are all filled with cows
People try to laugh, but how
Nothing is very funny now

Pagliacci can’t breath
But I’m the one to cough
My uncle died in surgery
Someone turn the tele off

Our pain was soaked
Like a sponge, he took it all
But he couldn’t hold it
We’re all drowning in the hall

Soprano laughter of children
Baritone of seasoned age
A beautiful melody
And you, conductor of harmony

Remember how to laugh, it will find its place
And no tears shall be shed
When we find the peace in the fact
That everybody leaves in the end

Our pain was soaked
Like a sponge, he took it all
But the sponge is squeezed now
We’re all drowning in the hall

August 13, 2014
Wet Earth, far from home


Era i roto i te te rangimarie (RIP in Maori) Robin Williams




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