Nearing Finals and Weekend Holidays

Clayton Kovich
September 30, 2014

Kia Ora!

I figured it’s been about 2 weeks, seems time for another catch up! So we are now in our final 3 weeks of the semester. The schedule is different from the states, so we finish in mid-October. Crazy, I know. So right now we are all swamped with our final assignments and early studies for finals (most of which are at least 50% of our final grades). However, despite having to watch at least 5 hours of TV a week (you’ve got to love film studies courses), and doing research for assignments, I still have managed to find time to do some last minute travels before I leave Aotearoa. So, last weekend I went to the Bay of Islands with a group of 12 people! It was a lot of people, lots of walking, and quite a few pretty sights. We went to fish, which due to weather did not happen, but we have 5 more weekends to try and get it done. I’ve also recently finished writing my third short film screenplay of the year, and have begun filming in Auckland and surrounding areas with some mates of mine. Should be interesting (not to be confused with good). I know this doesn’t sound like much, but unless you want to read drivel about sitting in my flat with the fluorescent lights and heaps of papers, that’s about all I have. I will make sure to post another new poem, so check that out, and pictures are on Facebook. Until next time.


Kia Ora,


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Clayton Kovich

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