The Existence of Paradise

Clayton Kovich
September 8, 2014

Kia Orana!

Here is a poem I am working on from Rarotonga. Very early stages, kinda thought vomit about the island, in construction now. But it’s a cool flow of what the island is all about. Enjoy.


The Existence of Paradise

Land ho!
We made it!
Paradise exists!

God himself
Has planted his kingdom
On Earth!

Hollywood is full
Of saints
And truth sayers!

The trees are how they said
And the mountains
Are as they should be!

The horns are honks of hello
The birds sing the songs
Of Happiness

And the sands are golden
Made only dark
By the waves of the ceaseless ocean!

By God!
There is a paradise!
Hope is never ending!

The cold days
Are burning hot
And so am I!

The lights are made of shells!
The hair all blossoming with spring!
And the necks sprouting wreaths of goodwill and rose!

And the stubborn coconut!
That takes just the right
Amount of persuasion!

The infinite motorbikes!
Riding the sunlit paradise highway
To eternity!

Where cars never go
Over 30 km an hour
There’s no hurry to escape

To go anywhere
When you’ve already
Conquered death

Where people smile
With no worries
And buttons are always

And the hula girls
With effervescent hips

Made of holy water
Make a tropical day
Even warmer

But they are nothing without
The sculpted men
Carved out of labor

And dance
And medallions
And celebrations of life

How the elements come together
In glorious harmony!

Choosing one place
To meet late at night
The Ocean kissing the Earth

As the sky is full
With it’s celestial dust
To ensure the romance never dies

Land filled with people
Facing the doubt of God
And screaming

I know, I don’t care
Even in Paradise

How real!
How wonderful and pure!
How black the pearls are!

How true the pains of
Paradise dwellers are
And how I somehow

Cure them
A mutual healing
Of the souls

And as I stepped off
And back on the plane
Like a president

With my fox hat
The word crept
Into my being

And curled my bronze lip
As the sea
Whispered me

(And I said goodbye
To Hawaiiki, Raro
And Polynesia)

September 2014

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