Dirty Boots

Clayton Kovich
October 14, 2014

Here is my newest work in progress. I am proud of the direction its heading, but have dead ended into the inevitable struggle of ending the poem. Here is what I have thus far. Enjoy!


Dirty Boots

Dirty Boots
Sitting on the garage floor
Of a man who just walked
40 km alone

The necessity of Earth’s
Endless possibilities
And places to walk
Providing him meditation

In all corners of his mind
But the mans beard turned gray
And his children became grown
As the garden grew weeds

He doesn’t do too much walking anymore
He mostly rides his lawnmower
For hours
On short grass

Listening to political lectures
And pop songs

There’s a shoe print in the mud
And a film in the theater
Sitting in the back row
The bearded man has a smile

And an empty head

October 5, 2014
Te Whaiti Nui A Toi Canyon




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Clayton Kovich

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