Repacking Lists

Clarissa Grunwald
July 23, 2016

A to-do list for the last day in Berlin

1.     T-shirts

2.     Sweatshirts

3.     Shoes

4.     Hairbrush

5.     Underwear

6.     Don’t forget to say goodbye to everyone, even the people who are like, “But you’re not really leaving” because taking an expensive airplane ride over a literal ocean isn’t really leaving, apparently

6a. You won’t say goodbye to everyone. Goodbyes are awkward and Berlin is big.

7.     Don’t forget socks

8.     Stress

9.     Try spaghettieis, finally

10. Be a little disappointed with the reality of spaghettieis, which is that, on a hot day, it is more or less indistinguishable from regular ice cream.

11. Practice viola (one last time)

12. Get chocolate at supermarket (one last time)

13. Books

14. Souvenirs

15. Stress

16. Wallet

17. Stress

18. Purchase Bettdecke (They’re so comfortable!)

19. Go on bizarre cross-city Odyssey trying to figure out how to mail said Bettdecke home, since it won’t fit in suitcase. This will involve visiting three different post offices before finding one that is open.

19a. Be happy you’re leaving and won’t ever have to do that again.

19b. Be sad you’re leaving and won’t ever get to do that again.

20. Ticket

21. Passport

22. Stress

23. Last walk

24. Last dinner

25. Last (probably) Bahn ride with some lady’s Chihuahua invading personal bubble

26. Winter coat (No room in suitcase. Will have to wear it. Should be fun.)

27. Winter boots (No room in suitcase. Will have to wear them. This is going to be an exciting trip.)

28. Water bottle

29. Swim suit

30. Mood swings

31. Double check ticket

32. Double check passport

33. Stress

34. Remember that this is the thing you’ve been waiting for. Remember all those days when you were sick of having to repeat things to shopkeepers, or mime things to your guestmother, or look things up in your offline dictionary phone app while standing in the middle of the supermarket aisle. Remember you’re excited to go home.

34a. I am excited to go home.

34b. Or, I’m excited to be home. Not excited to leave Berlin. There’s a difference. I think.

35. Take out trash (why do I have so much garbage)

36. Vacuum room (no matter how I try, the cat hair will never go away completely)

37. Double-check

38. Triple-check

39. Quadruple-check

40. Suitcase

41. Carry-on

42. Personal item

43. A sense of adventure

44. Yourself

45. Pants


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