First Two Weeks

Wythe Hunnicutt
February 13, 2017


The Ss. Nome di Maria


The Ss. Nome di Maria and Trajan's Forum


Un via with polizia lining the sides


Trajans  Forum Ruins


A small resturant on a side street


Ruins at Trajan's Forum


The copy of the State of Marcus Aurelis

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Wythe Hunnicutt

<p>Hi, my name is Wythe and I&#39;m from Augusta, Ga. I&#39;m a junior at Wofford College and I am thrilled to be spending a semester in Rome, Italy! I&#39;m an Art History major with a business and studio art minor. But my real passion is photography, so I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things I found around Europe!</p>

2017 Spring
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Wofford College
Art History
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