My Milan Musts

Christina Guzman
June 23, 2014

My apologies for not posting in a while! With my internship starting and my Italian language course picking up speed, it’s been hard to find extra time where I’m not either sleeping or eating. I wanted to wait a little further in to do this post, but I have been compiling it over my past three weeks here. So, without further ado: My Milan Musts!


Must Eats!

Spontini: If you died and went to heaven, this is what the pizza would taste like. Step 1: Order a “Spontini un0″ (a Margherita pizza and water bottle). Step 2: Stand at one of the many counters they have in the packed pizzeria. Step 3: Enjoy a little slice of heaven, courtesy of Milano.

Luini: Aside from the Duomo, this will be one of your most important stops at Piazza Duomo. This is THE place you MUST try Panzerotti! Step 1: Wait in line (it’s long, but it’s worth it). Step 2: Order your delicious panzerotti of your choosing or two (roommate personal favorite= spinach and ricotta). Step 3: Sit somewhere outside and try to breathe between bites.

Vecchi, or Grom, or Shockolat: Really any gelato place is worth a trip. Personal favorite flavor: Stracchiatella. Roomies personal favorite: Grapefruit.

Must Sees!

Sempione Parco- take a stroll, take a jog, have a picnic. People watch, definitely people watch.

Sforza Castle: at night! Bring friends, be safe! The view is wonderful.

La Scala: see a ballet, see a dress rehearsal, see an opera! if you get the chance, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Tune in for more “Musts”!

Ricordate, la vita e bella <3

Ciao! And happy reading! :)

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