Life waits for no one

Christella Philippe
August 31, 2019

Hello, my name is Christella, I was born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. I am a Vocal Music major at Berea College and will be in Paris this semester as I continue to study music. 

I spent the past weekend on my college campus saying goodbye to my friends. They started school Aug 21 but I don't leave the country until Sep 1. While on campus, I saw so many new faces, faces I wouldn't get a chance to meet until January. 

My weekend was so full. I crammed in as many meetups as possible. My girlfriends and I had a photoshoot. I got to spend some time with my best friends playing the piano, singing, and songwriting. Lastly, a large group of us went out to eat after church. As I looked around the table, I realized that I am going to miss these people. School has already started for them and Berea College moves fast. They were already making new friends and having new experiences. Even when fear of being replaced and forgotten creeps into my mind, my friends remind me that our friendship is unique. I feel so loved by my Berea community. 

During my final week at home, I relaxed, maybe a little too much. I had just gotten home from a summer internships Aug 20 and spent the weekend at school, now it was time to get to work and prepare for my time abroad. I was so tired from all my traveling that I stayed in bed most of the week with a cold  (I'm still getting over a cold as I type this). I am one day from leaving the country and I still did not start packing. To be fair, I travel a lot and always pack last minute but this is still not an excuse. My mom had to lock me downstairs so that I would start putting things into a suitcase, but it's still a work in progress. Don't be like me, pack early because life waits for no one. 

As I prepare for this semester, I can't help feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are a lot of mixed emotions. One minute I am so excited and ready to hop on the plane and the next my stomach drops from anxiety. I am used to being alone but this seems different. A completely different country and culture. I have dreamed of this since high school and it is crazy to know all of this is finally happening.

So far I am learning that life waits for no one. When you're gone, life keeps going. Instead of worrying about all the things you will miss back at home try and focus on the present and the blessings that come along with it. It is only then you will live in the moment. Yes, I am going to miss my life in America but I am super excited to have this opportunity to study in Paris. I feel so blessed to be on this journey and I cannot wait to share it with you all! 

How can you pray for me: 

1. Apparently, there is a hurricane coming through the day of my flight, although I am not flying out of Florida, I ask prayer for safe travels and that none of my flights are affected. Pray for a safe arrival!

2. Pray that I find a good community that will help me to continue to grow in my faith.

3. Pray that I find a Haitian community in Paris and most importantly find some Haitian seasoning so I can cook! 

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Christella Philippe

<p>Hello world, My name is Christella and I am a senior music major, with a vocal emphasis at Berea College in Berea Kentucky. I am originally from Cap-Haitian, Haiti and music is my passion. During my free time I enjoy writing songs, playing instruments, poetry, reading, cooking, and going on adventures. My friends describe me as a spiritual leader and a Jokester because I love making people laugh. A fun fact about me is that I wrote/co-produced an album that you can find on Thank you how joining me as I experience Paris!</p>

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