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Nov 21 1:17pm

Weekend Destinations

by Sallie

Hello again! (but mostly hello to my parents because I think they’re some of the only ones that read this!) Barcelona has been so busy between midterm exams, papers, and presentations, but I have also been traveling and taking a lot of pictures that I’ve been excited to share.

Nov 20 11:57am

A Reflection of New Zealand from My Couch

by Lexi

I seriously cannot believe I am writing this from my couch all the way in Massachusetts! After my wonderful road trip with my dad, we spent a few days in Australia and then jumped on the plan for the 20-hour trip home.

Nov 20 10:08am

Victory Lap ft. My Dad

by Lexi

I spent my last two weeks in New Zealand on a South Island road trip with my Dad, here's some stuff we did!

Nov 19 11:30pm

The Tourist's Lament for Granada

by Max

The Alhambra. Gushing streams of tangled etches cascade down curling arches. Firm, blocked pillars hoist up a labyrinth across the ceiling.

Nov 18 10:05am

Want To Experience the best of Nice? A Sunrise Run Along the Promenade des Anglais Is the Answer

by Maddy

Catching the sunrise on the Promenade is a must-have experience in Nice. And while the mere thought of exercising, especially while abroad, might make you groan, the best way to experience Nice’s famous sunny setting by the sea on a run. You will not only see the best that Nice has to offer but you will also feel your best while here.

Nov 18 9:21am

Trains, Trams, and Buses, Oh My! A Guide to Public Transportation In Nice

by Maddy

Finding your way in a new city can be tough, especially if you have never used public transportation before. However, with the help of this guide, figuring out Nice’s extensive public transportation system will be a breeze.