Adios? No! Nosvemos pronto.

Charles Hamer
December 16, 2018

After a few days of delays, protests, a few too many alfajores (amazing argentine pastries, see above...Cachafaz is my favorite brand), 5-10 Choripan sandwiches (my favorite Argentine lunch) countless emotional goodbyes, and a 14 hour flight, I'm back home.

While it feels so good to be reunited with friends and family, there are so many memories and people that I met back in Argentina that I miss a whole lot. It feels kind of strange to wake up on a Saturday morning and not have the option of going to Rincon Ecuatoriano for lunch and family time.

From nights that lasted till nine in the morning to sipping mate in my early morning Spanish Class, my life isn't the same back home in Chicago, but I've been thinking a lot about the fact that, that's okay.

I like to believe that each place, period, and time in your life brings special memories and life lessons that you can't learn elsewhere. Over the past four months in Argentina, I was able to improve my Spanish communication skills incredibly so, make friends that I want to keep around for a lifetime, and grow as a person. I'm proud to say that I accomplished most of the goals that I came to Argentina with.

The life lessons and memories I made in Argentina are ones that I feel like I could have only made there. The beauty, complexity, and contradictory nature of the country made me a stronger man. While studying abroad as a student of color brought its own set of challenges such as double culture shock, etc. I was able to channel these challenges and frustrations into writing, creative projects, and the making of beautiful relationships.

In Spanish, everyone knows that adios means goodbye. I refuse to say adios to my family that I made in Argentina. Instead I prefer nosvemos pronto (See you soon) because I know that our paths will cross again and the time will come which reunites us all.

As for now, I focus on the holidays, getting some rest and preparing to finish up my Junior Year of college. While there's so much that I miss about Argentina, I'm so excited about what the next chapter of my life will bring me.

To Latin America and my newfound family, I say nosvemos pronto because I know I'll see you soon. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.

Charles Hamer

<p>I love coffee, friends, and exploring new places. I would love to write and publish a book where I learn more about some of the most unheard voices in places around the world. Hearing new stories and visiting new places are two of my favorite experiences.</p>

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