Delft & Brussels Weekend Trips!

Ceci Cornejo
June 28, 2018

The first half of the video is the IES Abroad sponsored day trip to Delft, NL which is home to the infamous Dutch Royal Blue as well as home to well known Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (The Girl with the Pearl Earring)! In Delft, we took a tour of the Royal Blue factory and also made our own Royal Blue tiles! It is a lot harder than it looks to paint the tiles, I can't even imagine painting plates and vases that are commisioned for the royal family! We also took a walking tour of the town and got to see where exactly Vermeer lived and painted some of his most well know pieces of artwork. After, leaving Delft we headed straight to Brussels, Belgium! Though the trip was a four-hour bus ride we took that time to get to know each other a little better. There we went to the palace, a chocolate museum, and a historic plaza as well as visit a delightful park. The chocolate is just as good as everyone says! Though we only stayed a day in Brussels we had gotten to see a lot! Both unforgettable trips to say the least!
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Ceci Cornejo

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