Practicing for New Zealand Hiking and Living

Cat Hauser
February 13, 2019
The drive to Copper Mountain

I’ve heard people talk about the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. I have seen pictures of the mountainous terrain and I’ve spent many hours researching the University of Auckland. I can’t wait to arrive and start hiking and exploring. 

While I have been on break, I tried to prepare myself for the beautiful landscapes and hikes by taking a trip to Colorado. I started my trip by making the two-day drive from New York to Colorado. This was my first time there and I stayed for ten days. While I was there, I was able to hike at the Flatirons of Boulder, visit Red Rocks outdoor natural amphitheater and experience skiing on a larger scale at Copper Mountain. I was able to take pictures of the mountains and landscape. Here are some of them. 

This trip gave me the opportunity to practice photographing beautiful terrain and brush up on my packing skills. As I get closer to leaving for New Zealand, I get more and more excited. While I’m nervous for the 16-hour plane ride that stands between me and Auckland, and the inevitable bumps in the road that occur while traveling, I can’t wait to see what has been described to me as the most beautiful and breathtaking landscape. 


Cat Hauser

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