“Tu as l’air vraiment français”

The title of this post is the best compliment someone could give me. It means, “You look really French.” It is a goal of mine to dress, act, and (eventually) speak like a French person. I would love to live in Europe one day so I might as well start learning to blend in now! Unfortunately I get “Tu as l’air vraiment fatigué” much more frequently. But I’m working on it! I have been trying to look a little less lost, wear a scarf every day, and stop smiling at strangers (no matter how cute their dog or baby is). Some days go better than others.

One thing that tends to blow my French cover is the fact that I want to take pictures of everything… I think I have taken a picture of every meal I’ve eaten in a restaurant since arriving (see below). I have to remind myself that when I’m back in the US, I will be much happier having photos of Nantes to look at than I would be with the knowledge that I blended in with the Nantais a little more that day.

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