Biological Family Time (II)

After a few days in Paris, my family came to Nantes. I showed them some sights of Nantes as well as some of my favorite places. We also took a day trip to two chateaux of the Loire Valley, Villandry and Azay-le-Rideau, which were stunning. My family went to Mont Saint Michel for their last day but I didn’t accompany them because I had already been there with IES Abroad.

One night, my host mom prepared dinner for all of us; it was wonderful! She made a huge meal and everything was delicious. I was the translator for the night, but my mom actually understood a lot of the French and the rest of my family understood some words. I did struggle when my sister told a story about some people who dressed up as a “French Kiss” for Halloween. They wore costumes of the band Kiss plus berets and baguettes. My host mom isn’t familiar with the band Kiss or the English phrase “French kiss” so that was kind of lost in translation… but other than that, my biological family got along great with my host family and they were all very excited to meet one another. At the end of the meal, when we were all stuffed, my brother tried out his French and said, “C’est delicieux mais si je continuer à manger je vais vomir,” (It’s delicious but if I continue to eat I am going to vomit). I was very impressed.

I loved showing Nantes to my family because I love it so much, and I think they enjoyed seeing it!

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