Rome-ing Italy: My Weekend Trips

Cameron Clark
March 18, 2019

What is up party people?! I have been away from the keyboard for far too long and I apologize. I know you are dying to know what original ideas this inexperienced white male has to share with the world. Well, I’m glad you asked. Desperate for inspiration, I had to live a little so that I could create (something interesting at least). This blog post is officially my “On The Road” experience. I have been to grandiose places, and they worked wonders. S/O to God for keeping me safe and making me smart enough to figure out the Italian transportation system. If you know, you know. I have done a bit of traveling (which I will continue) within Italy. There have been many ups and downs along the way, but it has ended all the same: with a smile on my face. (Boom, poetry). Placed here for your entertainment is a little photo collection of my travels. I wanted to switch it up for you visual folks, plus I get to showcase a bit of my photography skillz. (Ended it with a Z so you know they are real.) If you would like to see more of my photography, you could always follow my insta: @cam___clark. Enough with the introduction—onward!


Castel Gandolfo

My first experience traveling within Italy was a day trip to Castel Gandolfo with my partner in crime, Bobby! I finished my internship at 12 p.m., and we were off. Bobby is on the right looking very introspective. As per usual, I was capturing the moment while my friends were embracing it. But look at the view, I had no choice. I am merely a man of artistic documentation.


On the way to take this picture, we saw some people arguing very loudly in Italian. We were intrigued and investigated further. Turns out, these people got into a car accident minutes before we arrived. Bobby and I thought it was hilarious; they had a different opinion on the matter. Other than that, we had a great time exploring the Italian countryside. Also please excuse my mustache, I was trying a little too hard to be European. All jokes aside, I’m glad Bobby and I took this excursion. This picture captures a memory that I will always cherish.


Castel Gandolfo is essentially the Pope’s lake house, but Benedict XVI resides there full time. The castle was once open to the public, but now for obvious reasons is closed. (Bummer.) Although it has a religious sense about it, Castel Gandolfo is home to so much more with its intimate town, lovely people, and stunning architecture. 



With any trip, it is crucial to curate a perfect group. In my experience, a group can make or break a trip. Do you think Lewis and Clark could have navigated the Louisiana Purchase territory without Sacagawea? Absolutely not. My Sacagawea was my friend Sidney. Get you a Sidney and your trip to Venice will be golden and filled with memories.


We wandered the city with nothing but the clothes on our backs (and maybe a backpack & purse) and an appetite for adventure. Sid and I had no agenda. Somehow, we managed to find a great little trattoria (Trattoria da Mimo) and see some jaw-dropping sights on pure luck and intuition alone.


We ended up at the island of Murano to watch the sunset and reminisce about the summers we coached lacrosse with our friend Nicole at a local camp in Sacramento. Shoutout to Folsom Lax and Coach Royal. I have pictures of this experience, but I think I will hold onto these for myself. However, here’s a cool picture of some reflecting lights on the gentle canals of Venice.



Mi amici! From left to right, yours truly, Adele, Rebecca, Mattea, and Sam. Yes, Sam and I are matching and yes, we are adorable. These are the people I choose to take Pompeii with and I couldn’t have been happier. We had to laugh off a lot of obstacles, and this was just the group to do it with. Such obstacles include: when your train is delayed a full 3 hours due to wind and practically eats up your whole day to check out Naples or when you dumb friend (Me) oversleeps and misses his train which makes him catch a later one. Oh well! It might make an interesting story for a blog. Just a thought…


I love this picture for two reasons. One, there is so much history packed into one frame. Two, the plastered man in the middle is how I look on a Monday morning at 8am. Times may change, but people don’t.


The House of the Faun is a remnant of wealthy Pompeiian villa that safeguards an ancient mosaic of Alexander the Great defeating Darius III of Persia. While magnificent in its day, its beauty remains relevant to the contemporary observer. Sam geeked out and showed us this place. I am super grateful he did, otherwise I would have completely missed this gem!

Everything I documented in this post is a must-see. So please, do yourself a favor and see it! On to the next adventure!

(Special thanks to my editor-in-chief Julia Cohen.)

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