An Interview On Creativity: All Killer No Filler

Cameron Clark
April 9, 2019

Hello beautiful people! Last month, I had the privilege of interviewing Claudia Palmira, and spoiler: she a super cool human being. I wanted to challenge myself by interviewing a creative master in their field. Fortunately, I was able to cross paths with Claudia. Perfect! Now you might be asking yourselves, “Wait, Cam, don’t you have a 1,000-word limit for this blog?” Yes, I do. And I don’t know how you know that. However, I will tell you some of the essentials which I gathered from this interview. Enjoy!


Claudia Palmira is a New Yorker who has courageously taken on Italy for her art/design business and has been conquering ever since she got off the plane. She has lived in Italy for close to 14 years now. Being a designer and an artist, she loves transforming visions into realities.


Overall creativity. Art, design, and business abroad.


Interviewed in early March.


Her lovely art studio in Prati.


She’s an awesome female creative who breathes American life into Italy. She completely immersed in Italian culture and is a productive member of her community.

What got you started creatively?

My parents owned a publishing company, and I practically grew up in their offices. It was monkey see monkey do. I just started to imitate them. There was this graphic designer that they worked with and I watched her. I sat next to her and was completely absorbed by her process. I started doing it myself at thirteen. I created my own newspaper which later became the middle school newspaper which is still in existence. My friends would pitch in and write articles, then I would illustrate it and put the paper together. It was so unpretentious, just pure child creativity.

What inspires you?

Oh gosh. Beautiful environments. I require visual beauty. Like yesterday, my friend gave me these papers. [They were very colorful.] I just need to look at that. I don’t know what it’s going to be bring, but I need to understand things in color. 

Who are your role models?

I was influenced by Karim Rashid. He invented this motif called “sensual minimalism”. Rashid uses a palate which I really love and actually influenced my palate. He’s really into pink. Also Caravaggio. His passion and feeling behind it (his paintings). Cynthia Rowley, who does fashion designing.

What do you do that keeps the creativity alive?

To be a creative is to be disciplined. I mean you can’t really get around that. Everyone’s got something that they are good at creatively. But if it’s not practiced, if it’s not consistent, you will never know. You won’t know what’s happening with yourself. You might not be able to express yourself. You have to figure out what you want to say: Expression. Understand what that means: Articulation. Then, see what people see in it: Communication. Showing up is important. You have to take a crack at it every day.

What was the biggest culture shock in business you experienced?

I had to learn that the high energy New York is nonexistent in Italy. This was extremely different because in New York there was so much energy that I absorbed from all around. In Italy, I had to find it within myself and learn to share it.

What is your favorite part of your craft?

I love synthesizing things; I like unifying them. I get to piece things together into one message. I also love helping people tell their story. My clients have something they need to bring to the world and I’m like the conduit.

If you could spend a day with one person in history, who would it be?

I would be very curious to talk to Carl Jung and discuss the collective unconscious. Or Ovid. I would chat with him about mythology.

If you had to restart all over again in another country, what country would it be?

I would go to Japan. I like a more future-forward place. I’m a future-thinking person.

What is your biggest goal that you want to accomplish?

I want to be exhibited more prominently throughout world. That would be beautiful. I want my pieces to sell so that people can enjoy them. Then I want to officially cut the ribbon to Open City experiences which I’m in the process of starting. (Open City experiences is a self-development hub in Rome.)

What is some advice that you wish you were given in your 20s?

I feel like there is this notion that “Oh, you’re young. Don’t worry. You have your whole life ahead of you”. And you do, but your 20’s are a beautiful bridge in your life. You should be experimental. Try new things. However, this experimentation can be directed. Do anything within your heart and discover your authenticity. The most practical advice I have is get savings account and start saving! Also get help if you need it. If you are struggling greatly in life, get help.

Feature Image Cred: Kirby Caraballo. I want to give a big thank you to Claudia Palmira for doing the interview and for her talents. Please check her out! On instagram her handle is @claudiapalmiraa. You can find her on her websites and Or you can email her at Below is her original piece!

Angel Goddess (2018) - Archival printed silk paper mounted on acrylic 

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