Fall time in Buenos Aires

Callan Swaim
May 17, 2015
Streets of Palermo

As the days are getting warmer and brighter in the U.S, here it is the opposite- it is finally fall in Buenos Aires. The leaves on the beautifully gigantic trees that shaded the streets from the blistering sun just weeks ago are now turning yellow and falling in preparation for the "cold" winter ahead. Although we will miss the consistent 80 degree or higher temperature in Buenos Aires, fall is bringing a whole new array of activities to experience. 

I know this is like the fifth food fair that I have written about, but I just cant help it (sorry). Well, turns out that there is an organic food festival every month in the hippodrome of Palermo. Naturally, my friends and I made a day of it and sampled all of the best, mouth watering organic cuisines in Buenos Aires (see pictures below). 

After the fair, we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon as Argentines, relaxing in the park sharing matte. For about 4 hours we simply laid on the grass of the local park in Palermo, listened to some Third Eye Blind and enjoyed each others company. Talking and laughing (a little yoga in there) made for the perfect end to a Saturday, until we decided to go to a boliche until the wee hours of the morning. 

Sundays are cafe days. With so many cafes to choose from it makes it hard to pick. Nevertheless, we usually make up our minds and end up finding "the best cafe ever", until the following weekend of course which is when we really find "the best cafe ever".  

Its funny, after almost 3 months we are finally starting to incorporate the tranquil way of the Porteños into our lives. It makes me wonder what type of culture shock we will experience when we return to the US ...


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