These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Food and Coffee Edition

Callan Swaim
June 14, 2015
Bblue Cafe

After spending the majority of my Sundays cafe hopping with friends, I have finally narrowed it down to a few of my absolute favorite places in Buenos Aires. 

#1- The Crepe Place- This place pretty much only sells crepes. To some that sounds awful, but to my friends and I it sounds like heaven. Here you can choose from all types of crepes both sweet and savory while sitting on the terrace and chatting with friends. I will have to admit, we never got a lot of homework done there, but it was always worth the trip. 

#2- The IES Center- Although this isn't a 5 star cafe, it is a great option for digging into some homework. The IES center not only has a personal library, but also has a common room where everyone can hangout, talk or even do homework. To be completely honest, I can say that some of my finest memories and biggest laughs have been made in that common room. 

#3- Expanish- Located in the Micro Center of Buenos Aires, Expanish has been the home of my internship experience this semester. This super modern, happy and fun building serves as a Spanish language school for tourists that are looking for a little help with their castellano. Even though I have only experienced Expanish as an intern, I see that it is always a lively and fun time.

#4- Starbucks- To be completely honest, I hate putting Starbucks as one of my favorite places because I don't even drink Starbucks in the U.S., but this particular Starbucks has a special place in my heart. In Puerto Madero, after my internship on Tuesdays, I always head across the busy main street to this Starbucks to prepare for my UCA class. I guess the thing is that I know that there will always be the same big comfy couches and mocha cappuccinos waiting for me. Its the small things...

#5- Bblue- This is a completely organic cafe, so I don't feel as bad about ordering things from the bakery as I usually do. They have amazing smoothies and eclectic fruit infused juices, that are equally amazing. This is a great homework place especially on Sunday mornings or even when we need a little break from homework.

#6-Lattente- This cafe wins the best coffee in my book. The coffee is so pure and rich tasting that surprisingly you don't even need sugar (which is saying a lot for me) This coffee shop also makes it a point to not offer WiFi, forcing their customers to talk instead of playing on their phones all day. Needless to say, this cafe is a must on the weekends. 

#7-Helenas- Another great cafe called Helenas has been home to a few hour-long study sessions throughout my time in Buenos Aires. Having a wide-variety of foods and beverages on their menu, it makes it hard to leave having just one coffee drink. 

#8- Paisajes del Libro- This cafe gets the overall first place by me, and I am sure by most of my friends too. Every wall (all the way up to the ceiling) cafe is covered by books and of course a few ladders too (to get to those that are up high). Really, not only is the ambiance amazing, but their coffee, bakery and food menu is phenomenal as well. Many times my friends and I camped out in this cafe for entire days just living in a dream world of books.

Alright, now I am feeling notstalgic-T minus 2 weeks and we are all in denial.

Until Next Post! 


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