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Callan Swaim
April 20, 2015
Beautiful Views

As I have mentioned in past blogs, IES makes it a priority to always has tons of activities planned for us students. This past weekend was without a doubt my favorite activity so far- sailing the Rio del Plata. 

After being canceled and rescheduled 3 times, we were finally able to go sailing- we were all super looking forward to this activity. So, we all loaded up the buses on Sunday morning and went to a neighboring barrio called San Isidro. Even without the river, San Isidro is beautiful so we knew we were gonna have a good time. 

As soon as we arrived, we were put on little motorboats and driven to the sailboats to "navegar". We were split into 5 people per boat and began to learn how to sail, with the captain explaining everything in Castellano vocabulary of course. (Proof right there that everyday is Spanish class, #nodaysoff) Anyways, we sailed out onto the largest part of the river where we started to navigate the boat ourselves, it was awesome. The sun was shining, the water was sparkling, and we were on a sail boat in Argentina.  After an hour of "hard work" we were treated with none other than the typical Argentine snack, alfajores and refreshing sodas. We were livin' the life. Each of us took turns sitting up near the bow of the boat and just enjoying the view of the city from the river. When it started to cool off, we all went to shore to end a perfect day on the river. 

Now, next week is a very special week. Not only is it the half way mark of our program being over (which is incredibly sad) but also, it is our SPRING BREAK! 

Where is my SB2K15 destination you ask?

The Patagonia Mountains. 

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