Dutch City Day Trippin'

Cali Carper
November 14, 2021

I’ve always been told traveling around Europe is easy. Now that I’m here, I can’t help but be whisked away by the ease with which I can cross borders. In the midst of planning big trips abroad, I forgot there is so much to still see in the Netherlands. 

Amsterdam is a massive hub, full of bustling trams and trains and fully equipped for weeks worth of sightseeing. It's also constantly picture perfect, which is why I chose the Amsterdam sunset as my featured photo. Hard to beat. But the Netherlands is stamped with other major cities offering other landmarks and small gifts. So, this post is dedicated to sharing some of my favorite moments visiting around! 

The first two photos are of Leiden, a quaint town with many landmarks, windmills, and historical architecture to check out. My favorite aspect was hunting around the city for its famous wall poetry! The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden was worth the visit, especially to see ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts.

Secondly: Den Haag! A rushed, but magical trip. I visited Circus Theater for a Broadway show; however, I’ll be going back for class when we do an excursion to the Hague! Check out my other blog post about Amsterdam's theatre scene.

The next three photos are of the south Holland beauty, Maastricht. We explored the underground caves built during WWII, listening to a tour guide explain its history as we absorbed the ambience of a habitat that never was. Yes, it's a three hour trip, but entirely worth ever second!

Two photos of Rotterdam from two trips next. A place much more modernized, Rotterdam gives a contrasting intercity feel to Amsterdam. The first time I visited, my friends and I visited a roller skating rink! My second trip consisted of wandering through a mall, visiting Markt Halle, and scathing about the outdoor market area. 

Utrecht, a personal favorite, is the following two! Walking the decks of the Old Canal and perusing the shopping areas is a great way to enjoy the city’s beauty. The area I visited had a tight knit feel. I walked around for hours and only ended up a short walk from Utrecht Centraal Station.

Edam and Volendam make up the last three photos! They are two quaint towns in North Holland along the river. Be prepared to walk, we did over 10 miles in only a day! Although the main street areas are small, we found a niche antique shop, an extravagent candy store, and so many cheese museums!

I’ve turned day trips into an expression of my independence while studying abroad. Each city has offered a rewarding experience that I will cherish, and I hope that others are empowered to explore Dutch cities, big or small. 

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