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Jun 18 5:00am

Why I sketch while traveling, and why you should too.

Hello, I am Thaliah an architectural engineering student on my first ever trip abroad to London, England. While here I’ve seen so many amazing things and places that I haven’t experienced before in America!

Jun 16 5:37am

Celebrating Pride in Vienna

I was able to celebrate Pride Month in Vienna during my study abroad program. Me and other program participants went to the Regenbogenparade, a Parade held in the Historic Center of Vienna, Austria.

Jun 14 2:25pm

Celebrating a Birthday Abroad

Post by Annika Rader

I’ve spent my birthday in a variety of places over the years, from birthday parties with family to the Mall of America to last year when I had to work on my birthday. This year, I was fortunate enough to get to celebrate my birthday on a weekend trip to Greece with a friend.

Jun 14 5:02am

Food, Glorious Fooooooooood (in Spain)

Post by Sonya Friel

My experience of the Mediterranean diet - one of the healthiest (and most delicious) cuisines in the world.

Jun 13 8:13pm

An Ode To Spontaneity

Post by Anand Ambrosi

A light-hearted exploration of history or England, my feelings about studying abroad, and a promise to myself to make to most of a great experience.

Jun 12 7:07pm

Second-Language Living

Post by Grace Worwa

Living and breathing Spanish was one of the main reasons that I chose to study abroad in Buenos Aires, but it was also one of the things that scared me the most. Looking back three months later, I’m definitely glad that I took the leap!