One Day Sunday!

Brea Baker
November 5, 2014

One day sunday is this awesome block party hosted on the last sunday of every month in Marrickville, a town about 5 minutes away from Newtown where Sydney University is located. It’s filled with awesome graffiti, cool people, great food, and an awesome DJ. A few of my Aussie friends got me hip to it and I just absolutely love going each month. October’s One day Sunday was the last one I will be attending which was very bittersweet and made me very reflective. From now on, I will be completing a lot of “lasts”. Last time eating here. Last time visiting that beach. Last time hanging out with this person. But Australia has treated me so well and I have no regrets about my time. Just trying to complete as many “lasts”as I can and a few more “firsts” with these remaining few weeks in Sydney.

Party party party!

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Brea Baker

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