Enchanting Restoration from the Forest

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Blake Nicholas
October 9, 2023
Image of me manifesting fall leaves

Away from the baroque buildings, coffee cups, and canals,

A rejuvenating serenity is found.

The forest is the source of this serenity.

Now nestled through and in the alder trees,

Two voyagers crunch the ground leaves with a shrewd hiker’s expertise.

They travel toward a field that holds this ancient language in its rosy pink flower petals.

And when they get to the field, a harmless yet childish game commences.

And the voyagers will develop their own nomenclature of a forest’s clearing fauna.

But with each step toward the field, beyond the green, towering, towerless towers,

These two get closer to the universal communication of the past.

Can you hear it?

It’s the same sound-speaking symbols that float across time.

You’ll see it in the rustles of bushes right before rabbits pop out.

You’ll hear it in a street performer’s strings that ring out tunes from the oldest violin quartet.

You’ll know it from the flower crowns you make that make one’s eyes appear gentler.

You’ll feel it when you clutch the hands of kindred souls on the stormiest of starry nights.

These symbols have no countries but exist in each one.

This language was the first language but some forget their mother tongue.

Please don’t forget her.

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Blake Nicholas

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and go to Occidental College located in Los Angeles. I am a philosophy major and an interdisciplinary writing minor. In most my free time, I like to dance. My favorite styles of dance are ballet and lyrical :)

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