Simple Study Abroad Recipe

Beatriz Cavalcante
June 2, 2017

For this blog post, I wanted to make something different. So I decided to create a little recipe/guide for the basic stuff you need to get together before studying abroad. Of course, I made a super simple recipe, and as I wrote in the recipe - "procedure may vary." For those of you reading this prior to your abroad experience, I'm incredibly excited for you! Good luck, and you got this! Go on and make some of the best memories of your life. 



Beatriz Cavalcante

<p>My name is Beatriz, but most people call me Bia/Bea. I'm an IES Abroad alumni from the Barcelona liberal arts and business program from the Spring 2017 term. Studying abroad had such a fantastic impact in my life that I decided to do it again, during my last semester of college!</p>

2017 Spring, 2018 Spring
Home university:
Hofstra University
São Paulo, Brazil
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