A day in the life of a student in Barcelona!!

Beatriz Cavalcante
April 17, 2017

I edited this video for my Spanish class and I wanted to share with you all (:

Before the program started, Spanish was the one class I didn't get why IES Abroad required me to take. It's pretty obvious that if you decide to study abroad in a certain place, you will want to learn the native language. When I came to Spain in January, when the Spring program started, I thought my Spanish was good enough to get by, so I didn't want to take a Spanish class every day of the week. Turns out, Spanish class is one of my favorite classes! Besides the fact that my Spanish obviously improved, I actually enjoy the class and I met some incredible people at that class. One of our class projects was to create and produce a video about Barcelona -- we decided to record one day of our lives! Shoutout to Toni, Maggie and Cody for shooting the video with me. And yes, we do eat a lot in Barcelona! hahaha I promise you will too, the food is pretty amazing! 

Beatriz Cavalcante

<p>My name is Beatriz, but most people call me Bia/Bea. I'm an IES Abroad alumni from the Barcelona liberal arts and business program from the Spring 2017 term. Studying abroad had such a fantastic impact in my life that I decided to do it again, during my last semester of college!</p>

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