Small towns in Italy - Part 2

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Astha Dave
May 24, 2024

Here's Part 2. of all the places near Milan I visited in a day as promised! 

Bologna- The first thing that pops into my mind when I think about Bologna is the Bolognese pasta. Being a vegetarian, I wasn't able to try it but my friends could not stop talking about it! There are two famous towers in Bologna that you can go on top of. It was under construction when we visited but we went to Basilica di San Petronio and Piazza Maggiore. We also had a little picnic by the park and got boba tea. Not to rant, but I have to share this horrible situation we got into. Our bus ticket from Bologna to Milan was for 9:00 p.m. but the bus got delayed by 2 hours 30 minutes so it came at 11:30 p.m.. It was really late at night and the public transportation stopped working in Milan. Thankfully, the buses were still running and that is what we ended up doing. Please get home before dark if you are traveling solo because after midnight you won't see a lot of people at a station like San Donato or Lampugno. The information center at the Bologna bus stop was closed, so we asked bus conductors from other buses for updates and they were really helpful even when we spoke little Italian. You can also track buses on their websites. 


Quirky streets of Bologna

Quirky Streets of Bologna


Book Cafe

A book restaurant in Bologna where we had Bolognese Pasta



Crema- Crema is so serene, and peaceful. The movie “Call Me By Your Name” was filmed in this location so I wanted to live it up. There isn’t much to do in Crema but people come to visit the movie location. There is a tiny museum dedicated to CMBYN, and they gave us a free postcard there. The gardens are peaceful, and we walked 15 minutes to a Basilica. It was raining or else our plan was to rent a bike and ride it around. 


The famous door from Call Me By Your Name

The famous door from Call Me By Your Name



Santa Maria Della Croce, Crema

Santa Maria Della Croce, Crema



Genoa- This is like no other Italian town! The vibes are immaculate, you get to be by a beach and see all the colorful buildings. They have aquariums and museums but we went with the sole intention of being by the beach. It was a perfect getaway after frustrating rain in Milan every other day. Go to the Boccadasse beach to get iconic postcard pictures and a classic meal and gelato.


Boccadasse Beach

Beautiful shot of Genoa during my first few seconds there :)


That was it, folks! Please reach out to me with any questions you have!

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