Some Final Words and Top Things to do in Dublin

Anna Ortega
July 30, 2017
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I have officially been back in the United States for a week now. My sleep schedule is finally back to normal, the jet lag has worn off. I’ve caught up on the political scandals that I missed from June and July. Slowly I am getting used to the humidity again. Having had the time to reflect on the last seven weeks, and after having different family members ask me about what was the best part of my trip, I think I now am finally ready write my final blog about Dublin. For me, the best part of studying abroad was meeting new people. There is a special feeling getting to share moments with new people. I am looking forward to continuing these new friendships. I loved getting to explore a new city; I have always been a big city person, and Dublin had a small town vibe in a big city setting. Now if anyone I know wants to visit Dublin, or Ireland in general, I think I could give them a good set of places to go to. The best advice I could give anyone is to not spend all your time see tourist trap locations, I found that the most fun I had was going to places that weren’t on Trip Advisor. The things I miss about Dublin are the things I didn’t expect to miss. I miss the beautiful parks. I miss the sun setting after ten pm and the rising again at five. I miss riding in the double decker buses and feeling like the whole thing is going to flip over when it turns a corner. However, being home reminds me that no matter how far away you go, there is nothing that compares to sleeping in your own bed, there is nothing better than seeing familiar faces, and there is no greater happiness than reconnecting with old friends.

Anna’s must See Sites and Things to do in Dublin:

  1. Iveagh Gardens

The rose garden is a perfect place for a picnic

  1. National Museum of Natural History

             If you like taxidermy this museum is for you

  1. The Winding Stair Book Store

The building is yellow and is named after a line in a poem by Yeats

  1. Dublin Zoo/ Feed the deer in Phoenix Park

The zoo is amazing, and the deer are super friendly  

  1. National Gallery

Free art is always good

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