Bou no Te

Anh Nguyen
May 9, 2014

My adventure in Japan is nearing its end – there are less than two weeks until Nanzan’s closing ceremony. I have handed in essays for my Japanese Society and Tea Ceremony classes, and will be free after two Japanese tests next week. Since classes are now over, I make it a rule to try to not stay at home too much, and to get out and experience Nagoya whenever I can.

Today I went to Atsuta Shrine to watch a annual Bou no Te demonstration. Bou no Te is a traditional martial arts performed as an offering for the gods. The performers used sticks and farming tools, as Bou no Te was thought to be originally developed by farmers. There were also real swords and bamboo cutting demonstrations! Performers came from various Bou no Te schools around the area, so they all had different uniforms.

men fighting with samurai swords

Bamboo cutting!

Here’s a video of a Bou no Te match I recorded:

Bou no Te

Afterwards, I had Kishimen, noodles that are a Nagoya speciality, at a shop in the shrine called Miyakishimen.


You’ve got to admire the attention to detail… The kanji on the fishcake I got is “宮”, meaning Shinto shrine.

Anh Nguyen

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