5 Best Things about Hosting Family and Friends in Rome

Amanda Sztein
May 1, 2015
Crowds at the Colosseum

I’ve been lucky enough to have several friends and family members visit me during my time abroad. Here are my five favorite things about hosting guests in Rome!

1. Having friends visit allows me to continue my semester-long balancing act between being a local and being a tourist. I’ve been able to visit many of the tourist attractions (Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, etc.) with friends and had a great time snapping pictures among the crowd of admirers.

2. I will gladly take any opportunity to brag about Rome’s marvelous monuments, architecture and Mediterranean climate. I proudly show friends our apartment with hardwood floors in our quiet, picturesque neighborhood. I act as a tour guide flawlessly navigating the crowded and curving streets of Rome (or at least I pretend to while discreetly checking a map on my phone).

3. Eating well is never a problem in this European capital. It is especially easy to do when you have guests who simply must try authentic pizza, pasta and gelato, ideally every day of their visit. Friends and family with diverse culinary preferences have afforded me the opportunity to branch out and experience more of the cuisine Italy has to offer.

4. Everyone who has visited me has shared valuable insights about Italian culture. Many brought knowledge of their temporary European homes (Dublin, Paris, Edinburgh) and adeptly conveyed the differences and similarities between our hometown and surrogate communities. Hearing these new perspectives enhances my capability to enjoy this experience.

5.Visitors allow you to extend friendships and family connections across continents and oceans. I could have never imagined going to Easter Mass at the Vatican with friends from university classes or freshman year hall mates. Sharing this one-of-a-kind experience creates memories I will forever treasure. 

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