The Final Countdown

Alzebeth Roman
May 28, 2014

Where did the time go!?

For the last week I’ve barely thought about what day of the week it was, let alone how many days I had left until my flight to Germany. I was so stressed out with planning, that this week literally flew by and now here I am, less than 3 hours left in the States.


It seems more than surreal, it’s like I’m living someone else’s life. My travel anxiety has come and go multiple times throughout the day, but I don’t think I’ve actually accepted that I’m about to be on my way to Germany… very soon. Yesterday my mind was too busy on trying to pack up and move my things into my fall housing that I never really stopped to realize that I had less than 24 hours until my trip and I was also surrounded by the people I’ve spent most of my Spring semester with like my great boyfriend, my Hermanas, and my family, who all kept me busy, even when I did start to think about the upcoming travels. Even with moving, everything seemed pretty usual, like nothing was really different about my day.

However, last night became a slight mess for me… I was beginning to pack which has been incredibly hard to do. I’m only bringing one large (checked) luggage, a carry on suitcase, and my back pack… for all of my items… Packing all of my things felt like I was trying to write an essay with Twitter’s 140-character limit… on top of weight restrictions. So… a lot of things had to go… All of the travel blogs and advice I’ve received is to PACK LIGHT. This is REALLY difficult for me and once you see my current packing list, you’ll realize there really isn’t anything LIGHT about it at all… I went through it THREE times to remove and re-pack things trying to maximize the amount of space I had while making sure I didn’t go over my 50lb weight restriction for checked baggage…

Alzebeth’s Packing List!

19 shirts (business professional to summer casual)
1 black skinny jeans
2 jeans (1 skinny, 1 boot cut)
4 different kinds of shorts
1 business skirts
2 business black slacks
6 camisoles in different colors (black, white, tan, brown, gray, salmon pink)
3 dresses (1 maxi, 2 sun dresses)
2 blazers (black, red)
2 cardigans (black, gray)
1 rain jacket
2 running shorts
2 work-out shirts
2 pairs of flats (black and nude)
1 pair of strapped sandals
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of nude heels (for the business professional clothing)
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of closed-toed walking shoes (similar to TOMS)
1 camera
2 months worth of all my medication
1 large bottle of my hair oil (I’m really picky about it…)
1 backpacking backpack (which was packed in my large checked baggage for travels to BiH & Turkey)

We’ll see if I packed enough…. I’m sure I over did it, but I really tried to consolidate!

Ta ta for now, there’s a large box filled with Panda Express that’s about to be my last dinner in the States, super exciting…
Next stop – Frankfurt! Expect my first post from Germany later this week!

Enjoy the pictures below of my last few days in the States!


20140525_213951 20140525_194709 20140525_190741 20140525_185856 20140525_124342 20140519_191822

Alzebeth Roman

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