Apfelschorle, Schnitzel, und Eis

Alzebeth Roman
June 5, 2014

There is of course more than the three things mentioned in the title, but I’ll start there:

Apfelschorle: Ugh, thinking about this heavenly drink makes me want to leave my seat right now and go buy some at the Döner at the corner. So, what’s so great about it? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Literally translated it means “Apple Spritzer” and that’s a pretty good indication of what it is… Think about your favorite apple cider and then add some carbonated mineral water and you have created a heavenly drink that is more addicting than crack.

Schnitzel (there isn’t an original picture below because I ate it too quickly… both times…): This week I’ve had schnitzel twice – once at this random (almost sketchy) hole in the wall restaurant/cafe in Weingarten (which I found out later was not a great neighborhood to be in, but Michelle and I had gotten lost looking for an actual Weingarten that didn’t exist…) The second schnitzel I had was for dinner tonight and I bought it at the Edeka deli. Schnitzel is one of those things that you should eat constantly in Germany. Next to bratwurst it’s practically the national food. Here’s the wikipedia definition to give you an idea of what it is:

schnitzel (German pronunciation: [ˈʃnɪtsəl]) is a boneless meat, thinned with a meat tenderizer, coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried. A popular food in many countries, it is made from vealmuttonchickenbeefturkey, or pork.

In German-speaking countries, the term Schnitzel means escalopes (cutlets), not just bread crumbed, fried escalopes such as Wiener Schnitzel.

Sounds delicious, right???

Eis: Ice cream, or gelato, or anything sweet and frozen really. Eis means “ice” in English, but I’ve found it to be a pretty general term for anything cold and delicious. I had a snickers flavored Eis today at the Gelatonia at the corner, but I’m gonna have to go back soon to try the Erdbeer (Strawberry), Anana (Pineapple), and Waldbeere (forest berries)… and pretty much everything else they have!

So, after all of that – what else could be so great about this fantastic place? Well, the air is incredibly clean (when you aren’t standing next to a group of smokers in a pub…), the view is absolutely breath-taking from almost any where you go in town and for the most part, the weather is pretty darn nice (except right now a pretty bad storm is making it’s way through the town…) Also, the food is relatively cheap (depending on where you go) and since it’s a university town a lot of people speak English (so I’m safe when I start to butcher my German.) The food here is so fresh and pretty organic, especially when it comes to the fruits and vegetables – and you can definitely taste the difference! I love how all the food I eat here just tastes better….

I uploaded some pictures of the food as well as my new bike (which I’ve already embarrassed myself on by falling into the bächle) and one of the views we have from our classroom at the IES Abroad Center.

*After reading this post and looking at my pictures I realized I really like food…. (: ENJOY!*


I didn't take this picture of schnitzel, but this is just a general idea of how schnitzel looks and it tastes GREAT! A flower in the park not located too far from the dorms on Engelberger  Straße. My bike! (: Snickers-flavored Eis! View from one of the classes in the IES Center Apfelschorle

Alzebeth Roman

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