Weekend Trip Log: 30ish Hours in London

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Allison Derrick
May 18, 2024

My last study abroad weekend trip was to London with my roommate, Ella, and our friend Sally, and we made sure it was jam-packed with everything we wanted to see. 

I somehow was able to score a plane ticket there for €13 euros! We took it as a sign to make one last trip, and to make it count. Saturday around noon, we landed at Stansted Airport and took the train into the city center. We made our way to the West End to see Wicked. We got our tickets about a week before we went and they were surprisingly affordable. This was one of my absolute favorite moments of the entire semester; everything about this show was well done and beautiful! 

We then hit some of the main attractions we wanted to see, such as Buckingham Palace, Green Park, and Regent Street. We got an early dinner at Truffle Burger, then went to our AirBnB to drop off our bags, which was somewhat close to Notting Hill. We got to experience the tube that night, because we wanted to see the London Bridge and Tower Bridge, then the Big Ben. We went back to SoHo to walk around some of the pubs, and had a lot of fun wandering around and exploring the city. 

The next morning, we took the tube to Notting Hill to get coffee and sandwiches at Pret a Manger and walk around Holland Park. The weather was super sunny and nice, and we had a wonderful time just hanging out and having a slow morning. We went to Regent Street again to window-shop, and got lunch later at Borough Market. Borough Market was this beautiful expanse of food, gifts, flowers, and pretty much anything you can think of. Ella and I tried a cup of tea at one of the booths, and bought some to bring home as gifts. We also got the famous chocolate strawberries, which did not disappoint at all. We still talk about how good they were!

We walked around a bit more and got our postcards, and headed to the airport on the early side to go through security and passport control. We got on a bus to get there, which took about an hour and we got to see even more pretty scenes of London as we were leaving it. 

This trip felt far too quick, probably because it was, but this was a place I could genuinely see myself living in, maybe for grad school or something. I am so happy that this worked out in the way it did and I would definitely recommend this as a last minute trip as a celebration of the end of the abroad semester!

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