Ten Days in Yunnan

Alexa Penton
February 16, 2014

Every semester, the IES Language Intensive in Beijing (as well as many other IES programs) incorporates a long trip for its students, labeled “Mobile Learning.” This semester, students chose between Guangxi and Yunnan, both located in (beautiful!) southern China. I chose Yunnan and I’m so glad I did. The Yunnan group visited some of the best sites in all of China, including Dali Ancient Town, Lijiang, The Three Pagodas, Tiger Leaping Gorge, and the city of Kunming. We learned about the various ethnic groups in Yunnan, witnessed villagers fishing with cormorant birds in Xizhou, and did our best to understand that southern Chinese accent!

My personal favorite was Tiger Leaping Gorge.  The gorge is one of the deepest in the world, rising along the Jinsha River as the river passes between Haba Snow Mountain and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The first day of the hike entailed the infamous “28 Bends,” a series of steep, rocky switchbacks that conclude at about 2600 meters. Unfortunately, a bad sinus sickness kept me from being able to hike the bends along with the rest of the group, so several of us opted to take a mule up the hardest part of the hike. Being perched atop a mule, perched atop a very steep incline, is certainly a feeling I’ll never forget. Included below are photos and a short video documenting this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

We were able to watch the Xizhou villagers fish with cormorant birds!

A view from the city wall of Old Dali.

Our hotel in Old Dali!

Found a HUGE fluffy dog in Lijiang, and my whole day was made.

Friendly messages in Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Jenny, Nolan, Courtney and I at Tiger Leaping Gorge!

Jeremiah’s response when asked if he wanted a “jumping picture.”

It was freezing at the end of the 28 Bends, but the view was killer!

The hike was easy after the 28 Bends.

We stopped here for lunch and checked out the “Inspiration Terrace.”

Such a nice break from Gray-jing.

We didn’t know there was an actual tiger at Tiger Leaping Gorge…but we’re glad we found it!

Alex being Alex.

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