Silver Week in Kyoto

Alex Nguyen
September 29, 2015
This past week, from the 21st to the 23rd of September, was Silver Week in Japan, a colloquial term for three consecutive national holidays in the country. Monday was Respect for the Aged Day; Wednesday was Autumnal Equinox Day; and Tuesday was kokumin no kyūjitsu, or Citizens' Holiday which is the day in between two holidays that subsequently becomes a holiday by Japanese law. Consequently, the entire nation of Japan was on holiday, and luckily for me, I was too! What else is one to do on a five-day break then but travel, obviously? Four friends and I traveled to Kyoto from Sunday to Wednesday to see another side of Japan and get a taste for the antiquated, pre-modern sensibilities that still exist in much of Kyoto. We coordinated this trip far in advance and thankfully, it went beautifully. I'm here to share some pictures from my travels to give you a taste of some of the beautiful sights seen and things done. This is merely a sampling, but I hope you'll enjoy. For more pictures, be sure to follow my instagram @vanderlex for more -- who knows, maybe I'll post a link to all the pictures there, find out for yourself~ Without further adieu, I give you my touristy Kyoto trip in four pictures because 1) these are iconic sights and 2) I know you wish you were there because these were even better in person. Peruse through the gallery below at your own leisure!

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Alex Nguyen

<p>Hi, I&#39;m Alex. I&#39;m a junior at Columbia University majoring in Urban Studies and dabbling in other areas of interest like race &amp; ethnicity studies. Outside of school, I like to eat, cook, take pictures, shop, have long conversations, and travel. Food, fashion, culture, literature, and music are all things I love. Black and gold are my favorite colors. Having lived in New York City for two years now, I feel quite at home. However, living in Japan is something I have wanted to do all my life, so I&#39;m quite excited to finally live out that dream. From the local culture to the food to the fashion, I&#39;m pumped to engage with it all during my semester abroad.</p>

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