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Pines of Rome

Aiman Khan
May 1, 2017

Over Spring Break, three friends and I spent a few days in Rome. The sights were absolutely beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the food was delicious. We saw the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, and we just wandered through the streets of Rome eating gelato. (Recommended, if you ever go to Rome: Frigidarium... all of the gelato I had in Italy was great, but their gelato in particular was my favorite).

Although we were not allowed to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel itself, pictures inside the Sistine Chapel Museum were allowed, and I have included some pictures of the museum. The Sistine Chapel was an absolute highlight of the trip. The room itself is incredibly beautiful and I very easily could have spent half an hour inside, just staring up at Michelangelo's ceiling. 

I took three years of Latin in high school and learned alot about Roman culture, so seeing the Roman Forum and the Colosseum was especially exciting. The audio guide in the Roman Forum helped me remember a lot of info that I thought my brain had lost since high school. 

Rome was VERY full of tourists and a bit overwhelming at times, but overall it was so much fun to finally visit this place that I had dreamt of seeing for so many years. My favorite thing about Rome was the trees; there is an epic classical piece by Otto Respighi called Pines of Rome, and I am so happy to have seen these unique and strange trees in person.  

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