Looking Forward and Looking Back

Aiman Khan
May 30, 2017

It has been almost ten days since I left Europe, and I’m definitely starting to feel more adjusted. So far I’ve only seen family members and a few close friends, though, so it may be a whole new story when I’m back at college.

I’ve noticed how many things are strange and foreign to me now, whereas before leaving the US I thought they were the norm. For example, some grocery stores are open 24 hours, but buying quality produce is quite expensive here. I had gotten used to living life a certain way in Europe, and I’m realizing that perhaps that life will just have to stay in Europe. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing… there were so many moments during my semester abroad when I missed being in the US, and with time that feeling faded to missing just a few things, like specific people or a specific place. When that happened, it became clear what I appreciated about being back home, and why these aspects of my life were so dear to me. More often than not, I ended up being surprised at what I missed. I’m more grateful for these things now than I was before I had to be away from them. I predict that I’ll have a similar experience in the coming weeks and months, one in which my overall nostalgia for Vienna will turn into a clear understanding of what was great about the experience, what was eye-opening, and what changed me.

In the gallery are a bunch of pictures from the semester that are special to me but I hadn't been able to share yet!

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Aiman Khan

<p>Hello! I am currently in my second year at the University of Virginia, studying Economics and Music. I&rsquo;ve decided to take a semester to study music in what is quite possibly the best place in the world to do it &ndash; Vienna, Austria. I have been playing the French horn for ten years, but I can&rsquo;t wait for the new experiences Vienna will bring me, and to document and share all my adventures!</p>

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