Austrian Adventures

Aiman Khan
May 4, 2017

Last weekend, I went on an excursion with IES Abroad Vienna to Styria, a state in the southern region of Austria. Our first stop was the Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum (Austrian Open-Air Museum), where an old Austrian village was recreated on the landscape. The area itself was gorgeous, which made the museum all the more fun. It felt as if the village had been stopped in time, and we could just walk through it.

After lunch at a restaurant in the open-air museum, we went to Graz, the capital city of Styria. Graz was a REALLY fun place – since it has several universities, it has a very young vibe while still retaining its Austrian charm and history. That night we went to a silent disco in the city, and that was honestly one of the best nights out I’ve ever had. My favorite part was the fact that you can change the volume on your headphones to suit your own preference.

The next day we went to the Armory Museum in Graz, and then went to a small town called Puch for an Apple Blossom Festival. Puch and everything around it was incredibly beautiful. The festival had everything apple-related you could think of – cider, strudel, other apple-based pastries, apple beer, apple wine – plus hand-made crafts being sold by locals. We seemed to be the only Americans at the festival; it was definitely a local hidden gem.


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