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a headshot photo of Omar

Omar Nedzelsky Jr.

World of Difference Alumnus

IES Abroad Program: Tokyo Customized Program University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley - Japanese History, Summer 2018

U.S. College / University: The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Major: Biological Sciences 

Current Profession: Undergraduate Student


What words would you use to describe your identity/identities?

Motivated, compassionate, independent, empathetic, respectful, knowledgeable, assertive, direct, engaged, collaborative, hard-working.

What motivated you to choose to study abroad?

The chance to make the world my classroom and have a different perspective on the world is what mainly inspired me to take a leap on building a foundation on an international education.

Has studying abroad impacted your educational and/or professional aspirations or path? If so, how?

Studying abroad has made me more aware of what I want to do with my life. The experience and skills I acquired abroad have strengthened who I am and will help supply my future aspirations of becoming a physician with the valuable traits.

Through an educational standpoint, I would like to influence the Hispanic community in my region to take control of the educational path they choose to take, including adding an international educational experience during their time in college and obtaining the positive impact studying abroad can offer to students.

In one sentence, tell students who identify similarly why studying abroad is a good idea, particularly for them.

Don't let financial barriers hold you back on making yourself stand out with your resume, make sure to define yourself, take advantage of embarking on an international journey/experience through study abroad.

“Studying abroad has made me more aware of what I want to do with my life.”
Omar N. • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley • Tokyo Customized Program University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley - Japanese History

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