IES Abroad Site Visit Request

IES Abroad is always pleased to host visits to our international Centers from study abroad staff and faculty from our Consortium or sending schools. Center site visits are organized through Hope McClelland-Young, Associate Vice President of College Relations & Advising, in order to coordinate all aspects of the visit, including how to best meet every visitor’s individual objectives and goals. Although visits are facilitated through IES Abroad, vistors cover their own costs.

Request a Visit

To request a Center site visit, please complete the IES Abroad Site Visit Request Form below.

We ask that you outline the reasons for the visit, objectives to be met, and the proposed timeframe. IES Abroad asks for notification of at least one month prior to a visit. Knowing this information will help IES Abroad facilitate the most successful visits possible.

The Site Visit Request Form below also enables visitors to indicate who they would like to meet with on-site and activities they would like to participate in as part of the visit.

Examples of activities include*:

Touring the IES Abroad Center

Meeting with Center staff and faculty

Observing IES Abroad or partner university classes

Learning more about internships

Seeing student housing

Meeting with students

Learning more about customized programming

*Due to COVID19 restrictions and protocols, some activities may not be possible in some locations.

When to Visit a Center

IES Abroad will do its best to accommodate the timing of a proposed visit. However, due to a Center’s academic schedule, there are some periods, like orientation and exam weeks, during which Center visits are not possible. As a result, a visitor may be asked to propose an alternative timeframe.

After Your Visit

Center visitors are encouraged to provide program and visit feedback.  IES Abroad reviews the information as part of our mission to continually assess and improve on-site programming.  Visitors can share their input via their own reort or email sent to Hope McClelland-Young at A site visit feedback report form can be provovided.

Questions or Comments?

Contact Hope McClelland-Young at or 800.995.2300 for more information.

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