US/SO 360 - Contemporary Paris: Politics, Policies, and People

Paris, as a global city, the capital of France and its largest city, provides an excellent opportunity to study the political system, public policies, social trends and economic stakes of the country.

Paris has over 2 million residents, with a metropolitan area of about 12 million which is one of the most populated urban areas in Europe. It is one of the world’s leading business and cultural centers. Paris is both a global and a national city—global as it is ranked in the top-five cities in the world for its high economic performance and its cultural influence – along with New York, London, and Tokyo; and national because its history and the centralized nature of the French political system give the capital a core position in national policies.

Therefore, Paris will be used as a case study that will allow key concepts in political science and study public policy to be introduced in areas such as urban and economic development, housing, environment protection or public safety. It will also help students understand French politics, through the analysis of local electoral processes and the turbulent history of the city. 

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Urban Studies

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